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Mrs. Bill Buchanan
07 November 2007 @ 11:17 pm
Three weeks in a row I missed House... and the third week I missed voluntarily.

24 doesn't sound appealing to me anymore.

And even Jayne Atkinson's omnipotent fantasticness can't encourage me to watch the show she's been in.

I feel like school's sucked all of the fangirly life out of me :[

All I care about is this stupid novel I'm writting. It's turned into an obsession.  


Sorry. I'm leaving LJ for the time being. If you need to reach me, use Myspace. Comment if you need my name.


PS: I was reading over my recent entries and found my list of goals I made before school. Things crossed out have already been accomplishished :D

1) Ace my Allied Health Sciences class to be absolutly 100% sure that I'll get my CNA (Certified Nurses Assistant Degree) my senior year and that I'll get a decent job as a nurse's assistant after I graduate so I can pay for college/med school. (Aced 1st quarter. Bamm.)
2) Get a boyfriend with a big personality, seeing as I have zero tolerance for shyness.
3) Get "discovered" as my mom calls it. Otherwise meaning, be asked to model.
4) Find a new best friend at school who I can rely on and who doesn't miss half the school year because she's a damn hypochondriac. (Try MULTIPLE best friends.)
5)Try to befriend mom *cringe*.
6) Go to Prom... and enjoy it this time.
7) Finish writting a novel.
8) Reach and maintain 100 lbs.
9) Get a job.
10) Try to regain the confidence mom destroyed. (Because, chyeahh. I'm starting to love the mirror.)
Mrs. Bill Buchanan
13 October 2007 @ 08:17 pm
For those of you who wish to get in contact with me:

oh miss cliche

It would be much appreciated if you im-ed me saying something random so I could add your name :]

- Madison 
Mrs. Bill Buchanan
12 October 2007 @ 05:57 pm


Will he take it? Most likely not.

But Mom really wants this.

- Madison

Mrs. Bill Buchanan
06 October 2007 @ 11:30 am
 Woooh. I did a LJ makeover. How exciting.

So I went to the football game last night to try to get some inspiration for the book I'm writting. Unfortunatly, only one of my characters showed up. The woman. I spent the whole night making mental notes in my head of everything she did. Which... I realized was absolutly nothing. She just sat there the whole night. During half time, she stood up and I started to get excited because I thought something worth mentioning in my book would occur, but she just left and returned with a hot dog. Pretty lame.

Oh and for the record, we lost 7 to 40-something. Which was pretty humliliating, but our school is only 3 years old, so you can't expect us to be amazing. I just hated the fact that CK, who happens to be the head football coach, was standing just 20 feet away and I couldn't do anything to get his attention. I'm not sure whether I should blame that on the earphone/microphone thingy he was wearing, or the 20 foot drop from the bleachers that separated us.

Other than my frustration with last night, my life has been pretty exciting :] The 11th is my interveiw at the hospital for volunteering, which will definatly aid in getting a job there when I recieve my NA1. Of course, the most exciting thing I will be doing is licking enveolpes.

Okay, I've got to run to the tanning beds and help mom fix something for the party tonight. Much love.

- Madison
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Mrs. Bill Buchanan

Because getting sugar rushes from giant lollypops is the only way to spend two hours on a charter bus to go see morbid dead body art galleries :D Hurray for nursing class feild trips!

Unfortunatly, security was too tight for me to snap a few quick photos of me posing with the dead bodies as I had planned to do. Sorry guys :[ 

- Madison
Mrs. Bill Buchanan

Hi lovers. How is everyone? I hope everything is well.

My life is pretty fantastic right now :] I love my classes. I love my new friends. I love my new BEST friend. And love the fact that my parents are actually taking me being a physician seriously. Without exbestfriend in my life anymore, I'm sooo much happier. I definatly don't feel like the sidekick anymore. If anything, my friends look up to me :D Which feels great.

So the Dixie Classic Fair starts tonight and everyone at school was bouncing off the walls excited. Hah. I was just like *lame*. I don't understand what people see in the fair. The food is greasy and overpriced, the rides look like they're getting ready to fall apart, and the people there are just CREEPY. Buttt at lunch today, Hannah asked me if I wanted to go with her and Tory and their boyfriends to the fair. I opened my mouth to say no, but then Tory was all "Oh! I know! We can set you up with the forgein exchange student!" So then I started to say no again, but I caught the guy I liked making a face out of the corner of my eye. He had this jealous look in his eyes so I was like "*Silent squee* Sureee, I'll go with your friend." And then Guycrush stared down at the table and didn't say anything for awhile. Hmph. Maybe next time he'll learn his lesson. But uh... I hope this Foreign guy turns out to be decent looking?

Apart from that, Ashley S (new BFF) and I are going to Fall Fest. She plans on shopping for jewelry and purses and hopefully items to complete our Playboy Bunny Halloween costumes, while I other the other hand plan on tracking down CK, who always happens to be at events like this. And perhaps even carry out an actual conversation with him, as opposed to admiring him from afar... which I'm sure he does to me :P Kidding. But seriously.

And then how can I forgot about House on Tuesday? Umm all I have to say is too much flirting between House and Cuddy and not enough physical contact. However, Cameron is gone, so um, yes. Happiness. Now all I need is angry Huddy sex and I'll be the happiest person on earth :D

Okay, and now I'm off to work on the novel I started. I'm so very proud of myself. I got the inspiration from a football game last weekend, when I saw two teachers together. Pshh, think I'm stupid enough to tell my plot? Jockers :P Hehe, ily guys.

- Madison

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Mrs. Bill Buchanan
14 September 2007 @ 05:03 pm
I know I'm on haitus, and unfortunatly I remain on it, but today was just way too hectic to not share. First of all, if you're sqeemish, skip this paragraph. I popped a blood vessel in my heel one month ago, and because I've been wearing high heels everyday, it hasn't gotten any better. Well, yesterday, the back of my foot spilt open. That's right. Split open. Blood got all over my brand new rainbows. I almost passed out. But luckily, I was in my nursing class, so my teacher bandaged it up and told me to go home and call a doctor. Which I did. And apparantly, my foot splitting open is a good sign. Umm... okay?

So today, while I was in English class at the Career Center, we went under a tornado warning. We had to get on the floor and cover our heads and all of that lovely stuff. My teacher closed the door and flipped on the news, which  is something I guess she's not supposed to do, but all the administratives were too busy running around and barking orders to notice, and it turned out that two funnel clouds had formed a mile away from us. So I was like Crap. Of all days the days for me to die, it has to be the day I leave my cell on the charger. Anywho they held us after school for awhile, but the funnel clouds didn't turn into tornadoes, and they released us. Cue happy ending.

Of course, now Dad has to stay late because there's been a fatality. Which means Mom has to take little sister to horseback lessons tonight. Which means I wont get Starbucks. Hmph. I mean comeon, if I'm going to get cheated out of two tornadoes hitting my school at the same time, the least I deserve is Starbucks.

Okay, I'm going to return to my Hiatus. But I'll update you on the foot situation. I think I'm going to make an appointment on Monday. Hugs and kisses.

- Madison
Mrs. Bill Buchanan
07 September 2007 @ 07:18 pm
I hate having to do this, but between school and friends, I just don't have time to update or read entries anymore. So I'm going on a haitus for a while... possibly until 24 starts up again? Sorry guys. But I still loveee you.

- Madison
Mrs. Bill Buchanan
01 September 2007 @ 11:12 pm
Sometimes I feel like my height... and the fact that I wear high heels despite my height... intimidates people. Which is okay sometimes, I suppose. But when guys are too intimidated to even look you in the eye, then you've got a problem. I mean sure, guys will talk to me... but not  talk to me. Ughh, screw them.

And I'm so freaking sick of being doubted right now. Gah, I just want to scream! Why does no one think I can handle being a nurse? Uh, newsflash, I'll be a CNA next year, so whether you think I'm cut out for it or not, it's happening. Period.

I. Don't. Want. To Be. A. Damn. Model. So leave me alone.

Kay, so right now I just want to crawl into a hole... but unfortuantly, I've got medical terms to study for an AHS test, so that will have to wait until afterwards. Thank my nonexistant god that Monday is Labor Day.

- Madison

PS: CK, I miss him so baddd right now :[ I'm making myself sick. I hate this. I always miss him when I'm upset...
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Mrs. Bill Buchanan
30 August 2007 @ 10:16 pm

Ashley was my best friend before Brooke, but we got in a fight at the end of our Freshman year and stopped talking. Then Brooke became my new best friend... and then we got in a fight at the end of our Sophomore year and stopped talking. Now it's the start of my Junior year, and Ashley contacted me saying she was sorry and that she thought it was about time we ended our fight. Ironic, isn't it? I don't think we can ever be best friends again, but I'm so excited that we're friends now :] It feels good to have one less enemy. And she's such a fun person to be around. She'd been my bestie for four years, and besides Brooke, she was probably the one that made me laugh the hardest. We were soo stupid back in the days. I'm glad we both finally matured.

Now as for school, I absolutly love it! I've made so many new friends, and they're so diverse. Some make me laugh so hard that I can't breath, and some are great to have serious conversations with, and some share my fangirl fangirlness, and some worship every pair of heels that I wear :P

I was worried about the Career Center and the thirty minutes ride there, but I met super fun friends on the bus, and we spend the whole time giggling and telling stupid stories. One of the girls, Ashley #2 (not to be confused with exexbestriend, Ashley #1) is in my nursing class and we have so much fun. Today I had to trace Ashley on a peice of paper and then we (and one other girl, who was shy at first, but turned out to be really funny when she got around us) drew in internal organs and whatnot and labeled them in medical terms. We ended up spending more time drawing on random details like noserings and tatoos and freaky emo hair than we did with actual organs. And then when we had to draw the breasts, we (well, more like *I*, because the others were laughing too hard) drew on granny boobs and made one substantially larger than the other. Our poor drawing was so riddiculously riddiculous. And to top it off, I drew a chicken leg in the stomach... but it turns out what I thought was the stomach was actually the uterus. We laughed so hard we nearly peed our pants. I guess it was just one of those "you had to be there" moments :]

And thennn on the way home from the CC today, I was laughing so hard that my bra strap actually broke and flew out of my shirt. We honestly fell out of our seats laughing. I didn't think I was ever going to be able to breath.

So there you go. I *am* alive. I've just been busy with school and friends and whatnot.

Hope everyone is well!

- Madison

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