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Mrs. Bill Buchanan
25 August 2007 @ 10:22 pm
So I got a pet cactus today! Woohoo. As we all know, I am an impulsive shopper, and when I saw cacti on sale at Walmart, I had to buy it. Seriousy. I mean, it wasn't one of those "Hmmm, maybe I should consider whether or not to buy this cactus" kind of moment, it was one of those "OMFG!CACTUS!!IFREAKINGWANTACACTUS!!" moments. His name is Burrito, and he's my replacement pet plant for Junie the Juniper... who ran away :] Pictures of him later, maybe?

And now I'm going to bed. Because the cold medicine is starting to kick in.

- Madison
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Mrs. Bill Buchanan
24 August 2007 @ 10:14 pm
My life equals not so interesting right now. Dad's home, though he brought a head cold with him and gave it to everyone in the family. Mom is back to pissing me off again and pretending to be the perfect wife like she always does when Dad's home. And little sister is back to her  phase where she bitches at me and treats me like dirt just because she knows her Mommy and Daddy will let her get away with it. 

But school starts Monday. So hurray for that :]

Okay. Going to go read a magazine.

- Madison
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Mrs. Bill Buchanan

Haha. Mom + me + getting lost in the Ghetto for two hours = omfgplzhelp. All of the buildings had like bars in the windows. And I had to peee! But I was too afraid to leave the car. Hahaha. Mom and I were basically freaking out.

Mom: *Sniffle*
Me: *Sniffle* (Dad brought home a cold from the army and gave it to us)
Mom: *Sniffle*
Me: *Sniffle*
Mom: ...We're not that lost...
Me: *Sniffle* I think we are.
Mom: No. No I know where I'm at.
Me: ...
Mom: Look! It's another store with bars in the windows!
Me: Yeah.
Mom: *Sniffle*
Me: Wait... What the- Mom! We've passed that three times!
Mom: Oh. We have, haven't we?
Me: Mhmm.
Mom: Well, it's your fault! You told me to go this way!

Ugh. TWO HOURS of driving around the Ghetto. With Mom. And a full bladder. Not fun.

- Madison
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Mrs. Bill Buchanan
23 August 2007 @ 11:05 am
My schedule next year = disaster. Okay, instead of having the madatory seven classes, I've only got five. Which sets me two fricken classes behind everyone else. My nursing class is a two period class, so I gave up an encore class for it, which is fine I guess, but then whoever the hell set up my schedule was all "Hmm... I think I'm going to replace her US History class, which is a core class and mandatory for graduating, with a traveling period." So now, I'll have to take US History my senior year, which means that I will have to drop the AP Phsycology class that I was planning on taking. Screw you schedule maker. Screw you.

So here's my schedule for this year:

1st Period- Honors Chemistry *dies*
2nd Period- Honors Algebra II *dies even more*
3rd Period- Latin II *dies dies dies*
4th Period- Honors English III at the Career Center
5th Period- Allied Health Sciences at the Career Center

Notice anything missing?? Oh, I know. How about a damn history class?

Bleh. Whatev. Tonight I've got Open House at the Career Center. I'm going to try to sweet talk my way out of this. But seriously, none of my teachers are males. (Well... except for my homeroom teacher. Maybe. I haven't exactally figured out what it is yet...) So no flirting to make your grade higher? Where's the fun in that??

- Madison
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Mrs. Bill Buchanan
19 August 2007 @ 10:23 pm
Dad's home now :] He brought home my sister and I some MREs, which is what the soldiers eat, but he skipped meals so we could have some. They're super high in calories (for energy) but dudeee, they're so fun to eat. You never know what you're gonna get. It's just like "Sweet! I got pumpkin poundcake for dessert!" Hahaha.

So um other than that, not much is gong on. I'm taking my little sister to Open House on the 22nd, and then on the 23rd I've got Open House at my high school, and THEN the 24th I've got Open House at the Career Center. Busy busy week. But the ultimate question: Will I be able to wear heels three nights in a row whilst my heel isn't fully healed??

Oh and I redid my profile out of boredom. The end.

- Madison
Mrs. Bill Buchanan
18 August 2007 @ 11:01 pm
Today was so fun! I think I might have found a new best friend! :]

So I invited this girl from my journalism class to come to the mall with me because, I'm not going to lie, I felt sorry for her. She's one of those people who have never really had any friends and probably never will, and I just wanted to take her shopping and show her a fun day. Well, it turns out she's super shy even around me when I'm acting silly, so she was kinda like the third wheel while Sarah and I were shopping. But after the mall we went out to eat at the Mellow Mushroom in the city with her family and--guess what??

Her sister Emma is like perfect bestfriend material! We're so much alike! She wears high heels to school every day like me, and listens to the same music as me, and has the same sense of humor as me! After dinner, their parents found some friends to chat to, so we went outside to look at the city (because I was completely mesmorized by it) and Emma and I started waving at cars like crazy people just to see who would wave back. And then we played this game with some light-thingy on the street. Every few mintues it would start this countdown for pedestrains to get across the street, so we would run across and then run back before the time would run out, dodging cars in the meantime. It was great. And then this car of teenage guys drove past and we waved and started jumping up and down and they yelled out the window "You should call us!" And I was like "Will do!" Hahaha. So much fun.

So at the mall, I finally broke down at bought myself a pair of Rainbows, and then an adorable blue and white polkadot tote to carry my books in at American Eagle. Yeah baby. Who's ready for school now?? 4 days until Open House!

- Madison
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Mrs. Bill Buchanan
15 August 2007 @ 07:41 pm
So in order to strip the black color out of my hair, my stylist turned me into a bleach blonde! I looked in the mirror and was just like "No... That CAN'T be me." Haha. It was so weird seeing myself as a blonde. And painful too! My god! How do these Paris Hiltons do it?? The bleaching chemical litterally feels like someone is poking needles into your scalp. But because my hair was so dark, we had to bleach it TWICE. Oww.

But onto the REAL purpose behind this post, when my stylist was finishing up the cut, Mom returned to the studio and brought me a letter that came in the mail... with no return adress. So I opened the envelope and there was a card inside. I don't even think I finished reading what the actual printing on the card said because once I saw who it was signed by, I burst into tears and threw it across the studio. It turns out Brooke sent me a birthday card. Three days late. And it wasn't even personalized. It just said "Love, Brooke".

So I don't know how I feel about this. Honestly. I don't feel happy, or upset, or guilty. When we got in the car Mom was just like "So what are you going to do?" Ughhh. Wtf am I SUPPOSED to do? Now I'm in an even worse position. She had enough decency to send me a card... but she didn't even write anything on it other than her name. And it's not even on time! Why couldn't she just call me and made it more personal??

I hate making decisions like this :[ I'm so torn between emotions. Do I call her and try to talk to her or... just let time ruin our friendship?

- Madison
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Mrs. Bill Buchanan
15 August 2007 @ 08:55 am

Of all days, I woke up with a gigantic zit on the side of my face. Haha, sorry if that's tmi, but it HAD to be mentioned. Anywho, I've got a hair appointment today to get my hair relayered, redyed, and highlighted (which is something I haven't tried with dark hair yet) for school. And then Mom's dragging me to her school so she doesn't have to take me back home. Which is wonderful, because now not only do the people at the hair salon get to stare at this thing on my face, but all of Mom's friends and colleges do too.

But, I'm going to attempt to wear my leopard print heels. I'm not sure that my foot is exactally healed... seeing as it looks the same as it did three weeks ago, but I've got to wear heels eventually, right?? Hahaha, I'm going to regret this, I know. Prepare yourselves for a rant about how my foot is swollen at the end of the day :]

Oh and dad comes home soon! He's so excited! And when I've been talking to him at night, he's actually been saying "I love you" which is... something he usually never says to me. I can't wait until he comes home. Although, I will miss being allowed to drive the car illegally by myself, because being home alone with Mom = no rules.

- Madison

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Mrs. Bill Buchanan
12 August 2007 @ 05:48 pm
Ughhhh. So um. I think I overdosed on cookie cake. I feel like I'm going to explode. ...Can I go die now? Anywho, thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday :] And to my super BK quartet, I love you guysss.


- Madison
Mrs. Bill Buchanan
Tommorrow... (drumroll please) is my birthday! :D Woooh.

So anywho, seeing as the start of school will be coming up in three weeks, and I'll be junior, I've put together a list of goals to accomplish this year. Because I've come to realize, if I don't set goals for myself, these things will never get done. So here we go:

1) Ace my Allied Health Sciences class to be absolutly 100% sure that I'll get my CNA (Certified Nurses Assistant Degree) my senior year and that I'll get a decent job as a nurse's assistant after I graduate so I can pay for college/med school.
2) Get a boyfriend with a big personality, seeing as I have zero tolerance for shyness.
3) Get "discovered" as my mom calls it. Otherwise meaning, be asked to model.
4) Find a new best friend atschool who I can rely on and who doesn't miss half the school year because she's a damn hypochondriac. 
5) Sell mom into slavery Try to befriend mom *cringe*.
6) Go to Prom... and enjoy it this time.
7) Finish writting a novel.
8) Reach and maintain 100 lbs.
9) Get a job.
10) Try to regain the confidence mom destroyed.

- Madison